BYOBag: Reusable Bag Educational Initiative

Care for the environment and nature are two of the core values that define Wilton. Eliminating the use of single-use plastic and paper bags when shopping at Wilton grocery and retail stores is consistent with those values. We should discontinue using these bags in Wilton because such use is environmentally harmful and unsustainable.

Toward that end, the Board of Selectmen and Wilton Go Green are hopeful that Wilton residents will voluntarily change from single-use plastic and paper to reusable bags.

The Wilton Board of Selectman has approved a $2,500 grant to Wilton Go Green for an Educational Campaign to inform Wilton’s residents of the negative impact of plastic and paper bags on the environment. Our goal is to get at least 50% of Wiltonians to use reusable bags. The campaign kicks off in January 2011 and features free bags and an art contest.

Wilton Go Green and the Board of Selectman will examine the results of the six-month campaign to determine the appropriate next steps.

Please do your part to help us reach our goal and reduce waste . . . Bring Your Own Bag!

For more information or to help with the program as a volunteer or donor, email

BYOBAG Art Contest

At the heart of the BYOBag initiative is a design contest to develop artwork that will be printed on 2,000 reusable bags, which will be distributed FREE from March to June to promote use of reusable bags. Click here for contest rules and entry form.