Green Homes Tour

On Sunday, May 20, 2012, Wilton Go Green was proud to offer the opportunity to tour four green homes in the local area. The owners of these homes made conscious decisions in remodeling or in constructing from the ground up that demonstrate their dedication to pursuing an environmentally responsible and sustainable lifestyle.

1. This welcoming Wilton home reflects the owners’ desire to avoid the excesses and brightspacewaste of an oversized house, and to live comfortably with an eye to environmental responsibility. Thoughtful planning, including thorough insulation, a heating system run by a computer that senses the outside temperature and regulates the high efficiency boiler, “low e” glass in the windows, and a heat recovery and air exchange system all contribute to an energy efficient residence. The owners’ love of history, structure and sculpture and their desire to recycle rather than throw away is reflected in the remodeled, attached 1850’s barn that serves as guest quarters for visiting family.

2. A Craftsman style ranch home, also in Wilton, was revamped from the insideCraftsman style ranch out.  The old siding was removed, new insulation was introduced including soybean based foam in the attic and basement, and the house re-sided with a concrete/wood by-product that never needs painting and does not mold or mildew. Installation of a geothermal system has resulted in greatly reduced energy costs. Composite decking promises zero to low maintenance for many years. This home offers many interventions available to the average homeowner.  Homeowner Notes

Historic home3. A 1775 home in Wilton’s historic district required special consideration when its owners decided to remodel and add a new wing. The addition, barely visible from the front of the house, hosts updated mechanical systems, and the entire home is now thoroughly insulated. A geothermal system heats and cools the home, and photovoltaic solar panels provide supplemental electricity. This historic home has been successfully retrofitted to be more energy efficient while maintaining its architectural integrity.  Historical District Homeowner’s Notes

4. An Adirondack style LEED platinum certified home in New Canaan truly demonstrates that green can be beautiful. No details wereNew Canaan platinum LEED certified overlooked in the planning and construction of the home, from selection of the site, through making the envelope of the home as airtight as possible, to the frequent use of native, natural, and sustainable materials. Stones in the fireplace, chimney and on the outside veneer are from the property. The house is extensively insulated, using rigid foam board and also spray foam. Most windows are triple pane, and reclaimed lumber and FSC-certified Northeastern wood products were used for the structure and other interior items such as the kitchen island and desks. Countless other details, including solar thermal panels on the roof and pole-mounted photovoltaic solar panels make this home worthy of the green building awards it has earned.  New Canaan Homeowner’s Resource List

The Spring Green Homes Tour has been sponsored by the Clean Energy Finance and Investment Authority through the Community Innovations Grant Program, and by Webster Financial Advisors.

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