High School Interns Help with No Idling and Green Business Designation


 Carly Lovallo, Riley Nichols, and Kelly Rafferty installing a “NO IDLING” sign at the Wilton Congregational Church

Wilton Go Green had three Wilton High School students work for us for their internship this past Spring for 4 weeks.  Carly Lovallo, Riley Nichols, and Kelly Rafferty, 2016 WHS graduates, installed “NO IDLING” signs, and immersed themselves in emissions facts to help convince business owners to allow the signs to be hung.  They  also worked on getting local businesses signed up for our Green Business designation program,  As part of their project, they created a Power Point presentation that was displayed at the WHS Senior Symposium along with their fellow students who had also participated in internships or had done an independent project.  We thank them for their terrific work and wish them luck as they enter college this fall!