Idle-Free Wilton


Did you know that Wilton is officially an idle-free town?


 The Board of Selectmen, at a regular meeting on  July 6, 2015, unanimously approved a “no idling” resolution for the town, following a state regulation that is already in effect.  By law, vehicles cannot idle for more than three minutes, except when the temperature falls below 20 degrees or when in traffic.  


The amount of fuel used to turn an engine on and off is equivalent to that used while idling a mere 10 seconds, and, contrary to popular belief, causes virtually no wear and tear on a car’s starter.


Soon, you will see signs all over town reminding you not to idle


 Take the No Idle Pledge


The emissions created by idling vehicles can have a direct effect on the health of adults and children who inhale the often-invisible exhaust. Increases in asthma, allergies, heart and lung disease, and cancer have all been linked to idling, and breathing exhaust fumes can damage brain cells and may contribute to autism. Children are particularly vulnerable because they breathe 50 percent more air per pound of body weight than adults.