Skip the Straw Business Pledge

Skip the Straw Wilton Business Pledge

I pledge to officially participate in the Skip the Straw Wilton initiative. We are committed to reducing the use of “single use” plastics and protecting the local environment.

Since you are a participant in the Skip the Straw Wilton initiative, Wilton Go Green will feature your business name on its website, email and social media activity. This positive publicity will further promote you as a Green Business Leader in our community!

As a participating business, we pledge to (required):

  • Only provide straws upon customer request
  • Print “Straws Available Upon Request” on menu or tabletop/visible signage.

Furthermore, I plan to (optional but encouraged!):

  • Discontinue the use of plastic straws* and stirrers;
  • Offer 100% paper straws and wooden stirrers; OR
  •  Get rid of straws completely*.

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