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500 million straws are used and discarded every day in the United States alone. That’s over 180 billion a year being dumped into landfills and littering our waterways and oceans.

What’s more, the average plastic straw takes up to 200 years to degrade; when it does degrade, it breaks down into microplastics, that are ingested by marine and land animals, working their way into our food chain.

Straws are not recyclable.


If you own a restaurant, diner, deli, snack bar or other food service establishment:

  • Offer straws only on request.
  • Eliminate plastic straws completely* and provide paper straws on request. Companies that offer straws on request generally reduce straw consumption by 40%, offsetting the cost of paper straws and allowing restaurants to save money while helping to reduce plastic pollution.
  • Replace plastic cocktail and coffee stirrers with eco-friendly options such as bamboo. 

If you have an employee cafeteria or a kitchen in your office:

  • Eliminate plastic straws completely* and provide paper straws. 
  • Replace plastic coffee stirrers with eco-friendly options such as bamboo. 
  • Provide reusable plates, cups, mugs, and utensils instead of disposable. 

Where can I purchase paper straws?

Check with your current distributer for paper straw and bamboo options.

Paper straws and Bamboo stirrers can also be found through these companies:

TriMark USAEco-pliant
Aardvark StrawsWebstaurant Store
Pack n WoodSimple Straws

Skip the Straw Wilton Business Pledge

If you are ready to officially participate in the Skip the Straw Wilton initiative.

Signing the pledge lets your staff, customers and community members know that you are supporting the movement to reduce the use of “single use” plastics and protecting the local environment.

As a participant in the Skip the Straw Wilton initiative, Wilton Go Green will feature your business name on its website, email and social media activity. This positive publicity will further promote you as a Green Business Leader in our community!

   *Please keep a few flexible straws on hand for our friends in the special-needs community.

** Note: “Biodegradable” plastic, compostable plastic or bio/plant plastic is not compostable or recyclable in most areas. Bioplastics and compostable plastics require a commercial high heat composting facility and will not break down in a landfill or ocean.

Skip the Straw Wilton Businesses

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