Wilton Woman’s Club Donates to Wilton Go Green


WGG Board Members Tapas Deb and Patrice Gillespie, WGG Executive Director Daphne Daphne, WWC President Jen Toll, WWC Philanthropy Co-ChairMariann Bigelow, WGG Board Member Tina Duncan, WGG Board Secretary Eve Silverman, WGG Board President Dana Gips, Sara Curtis and WGG Board Member Peg Koellmer.  

Photo courtesy WWC’s Andrea Bates.

The money donated by the Wilton Woman’s Club will go directly towards our Zero Schools Program at Cider Mill and Wilton High School to create the waste-recycling-compost stations there. THANK YOU, WWC!

”Thanks to the Wilton Women’s Club’s generous donation, Wilton Go Green programs like Zero Waste Schools can continue to thrive!” Eve Silverman, Wilton Go Green Zero Waste School Chair.