Want to know if something can be recycled or not? Or if you have to bring that item to a special location?

Take a look at our list of resources in order to help with Recycling 101.

Use the RecycleCT Wizard to help you identify if something belongs in recycling or the trash. 

Top 5 Items You put In Recycling That Belong In The Trash

1) ALL paper takeout containers are OUT.  They generally have food residue and there are too many varieties to keep track of what products are made of acceptable materials. This includes ice cream cartons. 

2) Black Plastic is OUT.  Optic sensors in the recycling facilities can not read the color black and therefore these items are not properly sorted and contaminate other materials. 

3) Shredded paper is OUT.  Shredded paper flies all over the recycling facilities and contaminates other items.  Look for a local shred day to take shredded paper. 

4) Small items are OUT.  Even though an item may be made of a recyclable material if it can fit through a 2 square inch hole it should be placed in the trash.  Sorting facilities have 2" grates and small items make their way into the wrong materials. 

5) ALL plastic film goes in the trash this includes plastic bags of any kind, wrap around toilet paper or water bottles, bubble wrap and more! These items CAN go to a plastic film recycling bin in your area.  See below.   


Also, download the “Recycle CT Wizard" app on your smartphone now to have these resources at your fingertips!

Learn more about the glass separation program here  Download a brochure.

Where can I recycle……?

Wilton Transfer Station

Household Hazardous Waste

If you don't see the item you are wondering about in our list below head to HRRA for how to dispose of your item properly. 

Other ways to give items a new life: 

Look for a “Buy Nothing" or “Freecycle" group in your town

Buy Nothing Wilton FB Group

Freecycle Wilton Group


Alkaline and zinc carbon batteries (AA, AAA, C, D, 6V, 9V) are now made of common metals deemed non-hazardous by the federal government and can be disposed of in your regular trash in all states except California.

Silver oxide battery (button cells for watches, calculators, and hearing aids)- Most jewelry stores will recycle them when you your watch in to have the battery replaced

Car batteries – Most businesses that service cars will take them for recycling. In addition: Lowes, Home Depot.

Rechargeable Batteries
Wilton Transfer Station
Wireless Zone – Norwalk, New Canaan
Staples Norwalk – 440 Westport Ave
Home Depot

Lithium Ion Batteries- 
Wilton Transfer Station

www.Call2recycle.org for more locations


My Eye Shoppe, Norwalk (Collects for Lions Club)
Fairfield County Bank, Georgetown Location (Collects for Lions Club)

New Canaan Nature Center
Total Wine, Norwalk

Cell Phones
Lions Club
Wilton Town Hall Lobby
Best Buy
www.call2recycle.org for more locations


Compact Florescent Lighbulbs (CFLs) –
These bulbs contain about 4 milligrams of mercury, a toxic metal.

Broken CFL bulbs can be hazardous to the environment and water supply if left in a landfill. Consult www.earth911.com for proper cleanup and disposal.

LED Lightbulbs
While LED light bulbs do not contain mercury, many do contain other hazardous substances such as lead and arsenic.

Wilton Transfer Station (ewaste trailer – any type of lightbulb)
Wilton Hardware store (anytype of lightbulb)
Lowes (CFL/LED) 
Home Depot (not tube CFL’s)
Batteries Plus Bulbs (Orange and Manchester, CT)


Wilton Transfer Station – Click here for an accepatable list of items. 

Mattress and Box Spring

Wilton Transfer Station – Designated Recycling Container

Mattress and Box Springs must be clean and dry

Check Bye Bye Mattress for recycling locations


For a detailed list consult the FDA website to learn how to properly dispose of old, unused, unwanted, or expired medicine

Check with your local police department.

Wilton Police Department has a controlled substance drop off bin in their lobby.


Paint cans that are NOT rusted can be dropped off at participating businesses in the PaintCare program. 

Wilton Hardware

Ring's End

Click to find the nearest PaintCare recycling facility near you and learn what you can and cannot drop off.

Plastic Film

Plastic film would be items such as: bread bags, dry cleaning bags, ziploc bags, product overwrap, newspaper bags, etc.

For a complete list of acceptable items check out https://www.plasticfilmrecycling.org/

Drop Off Locations:
Stop n Shop
Village Market


Wilton Transfer Station
Miller-Driscoll School*
Middlebrook School*
Wilton High School*
Wilton Congregational Church
Gulf Station – Route 7 (intersection of Rte 33 and Rte 7)

*Bay State Collection bins – click to view acceptable items

Recycled cartons are used to make new paper products we all use everyday as well as eco-friendly building materials.  Click to learn more. 

Click to learn about other carton myths.