Make the Switch…

Try to switch out one or more plastic based items from your home or office during Plastic Free July!

  • Purchase and use reusable produce bags instead of the single-use bags offered at grocery stores
  • Bring a reusable water bottle with you to refill instead of buying single-use water bottles
  • Replace liquid soap with bar soap
  • Look for a refillable company for your cleaning products such as Blueland
  • Try out an eco-friendly pod laundry or dish detergent like Dropps
  • Incorporate reusable containers and storage bags into your lunch packing supplies
  • Bring your own containers to the restaurant to take home your leftovers
  • Sav “No" to single-use straws and utensils for takeout 
  • Switch out plastic wrap for a cloth or beeswax wrap
  • Join the official “Plastic Free July Challenge" here