When it comes to the planet, climate change knows no boundaries — at any age we are all impacted by rising temperatures and a changing planet. So why should we leave the planet’s problems for just the younger generation to solve? Instead, we can collectively leave the planet in a better place then we found it so future generations can experience a real and lasting sustainable planet. 

Enter stage left, Third Act, a global movement that mobilizes the skills and resources of baby boomers and silent generations for a stable, green future. Why this group? These influencers make up a huge portion of the population and pack a powerful punch of financial influence, lifetime experiences and the time required for lasting changes. They’ve already been part of broad cultural and political changes in the early stages of their lives and can now be the stewards for the next big shifts towards environmental stability.

The time is now for climate action — what’s your third act?

According to Bill McKibben, a climate activist and the first author to sound the alarm of climate change in his book End of Nature , “The most important thing an individual can do is be a little bit less of an individual, and join together with others in movements large enough to change the basic political and economic ground rules.” To hear more from Bill McKibben, check out his latest podcast on climate activism.

To that end, we challenge ALL of us, including our experienced generation to:

  • Be an advocate, volunteer or influencer of organizations that push cities and towns to introduce new laws for green change — New York Communities for Change or McKibben’s organization 350.org for example are committed to just that
  • Take an active role as a board member or volunteer or donate to your local community organizations like Wilton Go Green dedicated to supporting initiatives in schools, businesses and at home to fight climate change 
  • Get informed about upcoming proposed legislation in your town and state to be a local voice for change with elected town officials. Follow the CT League of Conservation Voters for action alerts and scorecards on legislators. For Wilton, visit our Town website to learn more
  • Green living begins at home — set an example for your children and grandchildren by leaving your legacy of sustainable living. Embrace the ways we can reduce our carbon footprint through recycling, reuse and reducing our food waste.

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Let our activism lead the way for others to follow and leave a legacy of a planet that is healthier and sustainable for generations to come. 

By Comments off September 30, 2021