With a Vision to make Wilton the most environmentally sustainable town in Connecticut, Wilton Go Green ran the following programs 2011–2017.


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CT Green Leaf Schools – 2015 – 2017   CT Green LEAF Schools is an ongoing project to research, identify and promote an effective approach to sustainability on school grounds and college and university campuses state-wide. It provides resources to Connecticut schools interested in taking a comprehensive sustainability approach aimed at lowering energy use and cost, reducing greenhouse gases from building systems and transportation, water and waste water management, improving recycling, hazardous waste reduction and disposal, and materials procurement. This approach targets ten areas in building a green school, and twelve areas of sustainable activity on a typical K-12 school or college campus.  In 2015, Middlebrook and Wilton High School signed on to the CT Green LEAF Schools program with WGG facilitating the sign up process. In January 2016 Miller Driscoll joined on as well. WGG has been helping the schools set up their green teams, initiate their assessments, and will continue to play an important role in coordinating the schools with each other and town wide activities. The CT GreenLEAF program provides assistance to schools in creating a green infrastructure and opportunities for planning, grants, etc.  

Wilton Go Green Festival – 2010, 2011, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 (provide a fun filled family day to  show all the small steps one can take to live more sustainably)  This was our signature event replaced in 2018 by our Zero Waste Faire

Solarize Wilton – January – May 2016 WGG partnered with the Wilton Energy Commission, Smart Power, Green Bank  and Solarize CT to bring a Solarize program to Wilton. Wilton residents, free of charge, met with a pre-screened Solar installer, Ross Solar, to take advantage of a discounted price for solar power.  By arranging workshops, signage placement and other marketing outreach, WGG was bringing significant support to this program. Sponsored by the State of CT and our Town of Wilton, Solarize Wilton was a campaign to install solar power to lessen our dependence on fossil fuels. 

No Idle Program – 2015, 2016  In July 2015, WGG proposed a resolution to the Wilton Board of Selectmen to make Wilton a “no idling town”.  This resolution was unanimously adopted. WGG purchased and erected 150 signs around town, and implemented a “Phase 1: Awareness” program in Fall 2015 comprised of school involvement (students and volunteers on pick up lines, curriculum on idling), implementation of an online pledge, banner at town hall, film (“Idle Threat”) and panel discussion at Wilton Library, etc.  “Phase II” is beginning in 2016 and is comprised of additional integration into town websites and materials, working with town fleet, drivers ed, etc, We are also templating the program for use by other towns, and are planning a Memorial Day “No Idle” float for all the CT Green LEAF schools to participate in.

Wilton Go Green/Wilton Library Green Speaker Series- 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 We co-host 6 speakers a year with the library and other environmental groups such as the Wilton Garden Club or the Wilton Congregational Church.  These speakers address a range of topics on sustainable living in building, land, water, recycling, transportation. We have hosted environmental explorers, workshops on ice dams, solar workshops, electric cars, environmental films, Zero energy homes, Solarize and No Idle workshops.

Green Business Designation –2015 Businesses in Wilton are encouraged to complete certain steps so that they can receive our Green or Platinum Green Business Designation Award.

Norwalk River Valley Trail –  2015 Through partnership with three vendors, WGG donated  all home energy solution referral fees to the trail through mid 2015.  Over $5,000 was donated to the trail.  

Home Energy Challenge – 2014  A program focused on encouraging Wilton homes to lower their energy costs and utility bills by completing a Home Energy Solutions audit. 21% of Wilton homes have either completed this audit or some other energy conservation measure.  Wilton remains in the top 11 percent of CT towns for home energy conservation.

 Bring Your Own Bag  – 2013  WGG brought this program to the Board of Selectman and gained its support to educated the residents on the importance of taking reusable bags to the grocery stores.  WGG held a school art contest for a reusable bag logo.

Green Homes Tour –2012  A tour through 4 Green Homes in Wilton and New Canaan

Walk Through the Woods – 2012   Wilton residents were challenged to walk all the public park trails in Wilton and those who completed this challenge were entered into a raffle for a bicycle.